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1.Hands anf feets of AMERICAN NATIVES.pdf283 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
1.INVENTION OF THE FOOT Bataille.pdf393 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
13.1halberstam DRAG QUEENS BOOK REVIEW.pdf34.6 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
16.3comiskey COSMETIC SURGERY.pdf210 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
17.2kennelly KABUKI DRAMA OF EVIL.pdf171 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
18.4frueh VAGINAL AESTHETICS.pdf212 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
20.2ebrey FOOTBINDING.pdf210 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
20.3butler ROZMOWA.pdf68.3 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
23.3klein WHAT A DRAG BOOK REVIEW.pdf49.4 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
32.3stallybrass MYSTERY OF WALKING SOFOKLES.pdf67.2 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
53.1wlodarz BEYOND BLACK MACHO.pdf555 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
55.1ormand OEDIPUS THE QUEEN.pdf156 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
9.1davidson PHANTOM LIMBS.pdf108 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
9.1sandahl QUEER IDENTITY IN SOLO PERFORMANCE.pdf194 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
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B 30.2.BUTOH 1959-1984 chronology.pdf737 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 30.2.BUTOH kazuo ohno.pdf834 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 30.2.BUTOH min tanak HOMAGE to HIJIKATA.pdf251 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 30.2.BUTOH Min Tanaka INTERVIEW.pdf864 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 30.2.BUTOH Min Tanaka, Kazuko Oshima.pdf65.8 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 30.2.BUTOH schechner , ohno.pdf593 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 30.2.BUTOH stein.pdf2.58 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 44.1 HIJIKATA chronology.pdf123 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 44.1 hijikata tatsumi01.pdf59.5 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 44.1 hijikata tatsumi02 TO PRISON.pdf66.0 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 44.1 HIJIKATA tatsumi03 FROM BEING JEALOUS.pdf39.9 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 44.1 HIJIKATA tatsumi04 WIND DARUMA.pdf137 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 44.1fautrier HIJIKATA.pdf43.8 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 44.1kurihara01HIJIKATA.pdf147 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 44.1senda HIJIKATA SUZUKI.pdf89.3 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
B 44.1tatsuhiko HIJIKATA.pdf87.2 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
Brecht Feminism Chinese theatre.pdf695 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Bullough TRANSVESTITES IN THE MIDDLE AGES.pdf1.42 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
CANINE TERMS 1.pdf502 KB04/01/2008 00:00:00
CANINE TERMS 2.pdf775 KB04/01/2008 00:00:00
CH CHINA Post-Maoist theatre.pdf673 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
CH CHINA Yuan plays post-1990.pdf2.15 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
CH CHINY JAS 62.3. FROM TEAHOUSE TO PLAYHOUSE.pdf4.36 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
CH JUEDIXI Entertainment of War in early China 22.1mccurley.pdf696 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
CH Modern China 22.2.FEMALE PERFORMERS.pdf3.48 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
CH ROLE TYPES IN CHUANQI 20.2shen.pdf105 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
CH THORPE Only joking.pdf510 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
Clum DRAMATIZING GAY MALE HISTORY.pdf2.33 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Conlon DRAG QUEEN AND THE MUMMY.pdf3.59 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Davis BREAKING UP at phallocracy.pdf1.83 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Dawson MOLL FRITH.pdf2.01 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Der Neue Pauly.pdf291 KB04/01/2008 00:00:00
Donham FREEING SOUTH AFRICA.pdf1.90 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Effeminacy, Camp and Sexual Subversion in Rock.pdf187 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
ELEMENTY OPERY PEKINSKIEJ.pdf2.47 MB11/10/2007 23:00:00
Epple NAVAJO hermaphrodites.pdf3.31 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Finley CONSTANT STATE OF DESIRE.pdf1.56 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Fisher MASCULINITY IN EARLY ENGLAND.pdf3.34 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Friedman-Romell THEATRICAL CROSS DRESING IN XVIII CENTURY LONDON.pdf2.60 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Ganz SANDRA CISNEROS border crossing.pdf1.51 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Geyrhalter THE CURE AND SUEDE.pdf1 019 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Girl Bands Performing Ugliness as Resistance.pdf1.23 MB06/12/2007 00:00:00
GR 13.1.Schechner Interview with GROTOWSKI.pdf2.22 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
GR 14.1.APOCALYPSIS CUM FIGURIS.pdf1.52 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
GR 14.1.Interview with GROTOWSKI.pdf632 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
GR 14.2.CONSTANT PRINCE Grota.pdf4.74 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
GR 14.2.On Grotowski CRITIQUES.pdf3.45 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
GR 17.2.Grotowski HOLIDAY.pdf2.38 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
GR 17.4.Farewell to Grotowski.pdf349 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
GR 19.4.Grotowski PARATEATR.pdf2.32 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
GR 25.3.Grotowski THEATRE of SOURCES.pdf954 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
GR 30.3.Grotowski Laboratory DISSOLUTION and DIASPORA.pdf3.13 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
GR 31.3.GROTOWSKI tu es le fils de quelqu un.pdf1.32 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
Halberstam MACKDADDY SUPERFLY RAPPER.pdf3.28 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Holland BLACK QUEER ART OF DEATH.pdf1.14 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Identity Formation and Proclamation in a Transgender Cpmmunity.pdf3.50 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
INTELLIGENCE OF DOG.pdf1.02 MB04/01/2008 00:00:00
IS 49.4aghaie.pdf75.3 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
IS 49.4beeman ACTING STYLES AND TRENNING IN TAZYE.pdf1.99 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
IS 49.4blum MUSIC OF TAZYE.pdf768 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
IS 49.4chelkowski02.pdf3.36 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
IS 49.4chelkowski03.pdf4.93 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
IS 49.4dabashiTAZIYEH AS PROTEST.pdf2.12 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
IS 49.4fernea.pdf999 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
JP 17.2kennelly KABUKI DRAMA OF EVIL.pdf171 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
JP 23.1brandon KABUKI AMERICAN CENZORSHIP.pdf934 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
JP 34.4.Takarazuka.pdf2.09 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
JP 50.1martin JAPANESE PERFORMANCE.pdf2.03 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
JP JAPAN androgyny.pdf809 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
JP JAPAN no performances in GAICHI.pdf1.27 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
JP JAPONIA 15.2.ON BUNRAKU Barthes.pdf641 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
JP MOVEMENT IN NO 1.2berberich.pdf794 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
JP REMEMBRING ZEAMI 20.2rath.pdf110 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
JP THEATRICALITIES OF POWER noh 20.2scholz-cionca.pdf72.6 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
Judith P_ Butler, Drucilla Cornell, Pheng Cheah, and E_ A_ (Elizabeth A_) Grosz - The Future of Sexual Difference An Interview with Judith Butler and Drucilla Cornell - Diacritics 281.htm105 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Kelley CROSS GENDER CROSS GENRE.pdf1.60 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Kugelmass GREENWICH VILLAGE HALLOWEEN PARADE.pdf1.62 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
LION ON DISPLAY in CIRCUS.pdf156 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
LT .3.Living Theatre at Brooklyn Academy of Music.pdf3.99 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
LT .3.LIVING THEATRE Avignon statement.pdf117 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
LT .3.Living Theatre in Brazil.pdf1.25 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
LT .3.Schechner Interview with LIVING THEATRE.pdf2.89 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
LT 13.3.Dionysus 96 REVIEW.pdf2.00 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
LT 13.3.Living Theatre ACTOR McDermott.pdf1.38 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
LT LIVING THEATER Brecht ANTIGONE.pdf1.52 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
Martin SEXUALITIES WITHOUT GENDERS.pdf2.54 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Matthews FILIPINOS in SF.pdf2.39 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
McGrath PERFORMING BOUNDARIES DURING THE AIDS.pdf2.18 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
McLaughlin Androgyny and transcendence.pdf2.62 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Munoz THE WHITE TO BE ANGRY.pdf2.41 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Parnes POP PERFORMANCE IN EAST VILLAGE.pdf1.61 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Performance Art and Mass Culture.pdf750 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
Ph.1.doc249 KB11/11/2007 00:00:00
Ph.2.doc154 KB11/11/2007 00:00:00
Ph.3.doc104 KB11/11/2007 00:00:00
Ph.4.doc122 KB11/11/2007 00:00:00
Ph.5.doc269 KB11/11/2007 00:00:00
Ph.prolog.doc66.5 KB11/11/2007 00:00:00
Politics of Performance.pdf207 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
Pop music on the Israeli Egyptian border.pdf3.22 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Postmodern Performance and Technology.pdf1.25 MB06/12/2007 00:00:00
Power Watts WOMAN WITH ZEBRAs PENIS.pdf2.79 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Prolog.rtf27.8 KB11/11/2007 00:00:00
PS 12.3.Kaprow HAPPENING.pdf285 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 12.3.Schechner An interview with ALLAN KAPROW.pdf1 009 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 12.3.Shechner 6 AXIOMS for enviromental theatre.pdf2.92 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 13.3.Dionysus 96 REVIEW.pdf2.00 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 14.3.HAPPENINGS Suvin.pdf2.29 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 14.3.P Schumann FIRE.pdf1.58 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 14.4.Alice in Wonderland GREGORY.pdf2.30 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 15.1.HAPPENINGS.pdf455 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 16.1.Feldenkrais.pdf475 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 16.3.E.T.KIRBY Mask.pdf2.40 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 17.1.Meyerhold s BIO MECHANIC.pdf2.64 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 17.1.Meyerhold s MAGNIFICENT CUCKOLD.pdf3.28 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 17.2.Journey to KA MOUNTAIN.pdf1.37 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 17.2.WILSON s Ka Montain.pdf3.68 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 17.3.Schechner DRAMA SCRIPT THEATRE PERFORMANCE.pdf4.12 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 17.3.Schechner PERFORMANCE and social science.pdf199 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 18.1.E.T.Kirby SHAMANISTIC ORIGINS of popular entertainments.pdf1.34 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 18.2.Dada Berlin.pdf1.37 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 18.3.Meyerhold s Biomechanics.pdf1.83 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 19.3.SZAJNA s Replika.pdf1.79 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 20.1middleton POETRY READING.pdf364 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 20.1schieffelin CAN PERFORMANCE BE TRANSCRIBED.pdf218 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 20.1thomas PERFORMANCE LITERATURE.pdf147 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 21.1.ECO semiotocs of theatrical performance.pdf1.20 MB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 45.3jenik DESKTOP THEATRE.pdf388 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 46.3 Barba THE ESSENCE OF THEATRE.pdf214 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 47.2 Franko MAJESTIC DRAG.pdf315 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 47.3 ROZMOWA Z ROBERTEM WILSONEM schechner.pdf557 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
PS 47.3 SUZUKI TADASHI.pdf179 KB30/09/2007 23:00:00
Queer Black Studies BIBLIOGRAPHY.pdf1.64 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Race for Globalization AFRICA.pdf415 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Rock Theatricality.pdf1 018 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
Rogoff Leer MASCULINITIES.pdf2.32 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Schaefer OBSCENE SEEN - burlesque films.pdf3.20 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Schechner BOAL INTERVIEW.pdf1.20 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Slater po polsku DIALOG i WSTAWKA.rtf63.5 KB27/10/2007 23:00:00
SOLO QUEER 9.1sandahl.pdf194 KB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Synnott SOCIOLOGY OF HAIR.pdf3.40 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
TDR 25.3.GRIMES The Theatre of Sources.pdf158 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 33.4.An Interview with Sophie Moscoso.pdf848 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 33.4.Dwarf in the Circus.pdf608 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 33.4.Kabuki Training and the Western Acting.pdf869 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 33.4.Mnouchkines Workshop at the Soleil.pdf1.10 MB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 34.1.WICHMANN Tradition and Innovation in Contemporary Beijing Opera.pdf1.90 MB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 34.3. BOAL Three Hypotheses.pdf660 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 34.3. BOALActivism, Therapy, or Nostalgia.pdf569 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 34.3.BOAL Bibliography.pdf90.0 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 34.3.BOAL Invisible Theatre.pdf517 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 34.3.Schechner An Interview with BOAL.pdf1 023 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 34.3.TDR 35.1. Boal at NYU.pdf557 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 34.4. BRAU The Women's Theatre of Takarazuka.pdf1.35 MB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 34.4. WILSHIRE The Concept of the Paratheatrical.pdf200 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 35.1. BROOK Grotowski, Art as a Vehicle.pdf1.08 MB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 35.1. FILIPOWICZ Where Is Gurutowski.pdf322 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 35.1. MEYER Transsexual Striptease as Scientific Display.pdf892 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 35.1. OSINSKI HERRON FILIPOWICZ Grotowski Blazes the Trails.pdf466 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 35.1. WAYNE LENDRA Bali and Grotowski.pdf1.99 MB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 35.1. WINTERBOTTOM Two Years before the Master.pdf470 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 35.1. WOLFORD Grotowski in Irvine.pdf514 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 35.1.AMANKULOR Objective Drama Seminar at U. C..pdf364 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 38.3.GOETSCH Les Atrides.pdf1.38 MB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 40.4. WOLFORD Action.pdf1.22 MB07/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 43.2.Untitled Text by Jerzy Grotowski, Signed in Pontedera, Italy, July 4, 1998.pdf56.2 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
TDR 51.1 williams The Difficulty of Being a Dog.pdf1.04 MB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.1.ashton The Salon of Becoming-Animal.pdf302 KB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.1.carlson Parrots and Guinea Pigs.pdf206 KB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.1.chaudhuri DeFacing ANIMALS.pdf2.30 MB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.1.cheng Animalworks in China.pdf1.40 MB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.1.dombek Evangelical Animals and the End of the World.pdf3.03 MB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.1.harries Rat Piece.pdf187 KB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.1.peterson From a Theory of Animal Acting to an Ethics of Animal Acts.pdf390 KB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.1.puchner Actors, Animals, Philosophers.pdf163 KB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.1.putnam Concert for the Elephants in the Jardin des Plantes.pdf285 KB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.1.rae Feline Performance in the Lion City.pdf502 KB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.1.rundle Primate Dramas and the Performance of Species.pdf232 KB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 51.4.kuppers PERFORMING DISABILITY.pdf309 KB05/02/2008 00:00:00
TDR 8.4. GROTOWSKI SCHECHNER Doctor Faustus.pdf707 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
Theatricality of BLUES.pdf391 KB06/12/2007 00:00:00
Toynbee ANIMALS.pdf1.63 MB04/01/2008 00:00:00
Uys CROSSING APARTHEID LINES.pdf1.42 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
Walters FROM HERE TO QUEER.pdf4.24 MB25/10/2007 23:00:00
YALE JOURNAL OF CRITICISM 13.2winthrop-young.pdf123 KB03/02/2008 00:00:00
ZEAMI Dziwiec stopni 2.pdf89.8 KB17/12/2007 00:00:00
ZEAMI Dziwiec stopni.pdf350 KB17/12/2007 00:00:00
ZEAMI O wieloletnim treningu.pdf586 KB17/12/2007 00:00:00
ZEAMI Zwierciadlo kwiatu 1.pdf1.13 MB17/12/2007 00:00:00
ZEAMI Zwierciadlo kwiatu 2.pdf390 KB17/12/2007 00:00:00
ZEAMI Zwierciadlo kwiatu 3.pdf671 KB17/12/2007 00:00:00